WHOS Gluten-Free: Not Only for the Gluten-Free!

Whether you’re of the school of thought that gluten sensitivities exist or are merely the most recent fad-diet; no one can deny that the quality of our standard grocery items are so low that at times we’re not even eating real food. The majority of the lengthy list of ingredients written on the labels of our “food” contains mostly items that are not only unfamiliar but unpronounceable. These items are artificial additives that lengthen the shelf life of foods, add a preferred color, or simply make us addicted so we buy more from these abusive food companies. These ingredients make our foods so overly processed that they’re not recognized by our body which is looking to use our food for energy. Instead, our bodies confusion results in a growing nation of obese individuals with no knowledge about what real food is and how to maintain a balanced diet that is actually useful to our body.

Enter Stephanie Wong.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 11.23.20
Founder of WHOS Gluten Free, Stephanie Wong, baking her gluten free magic with friend and co-worker, Shelly Menchavez. 

 After years of falling asleep while driving, terrible joint pain, stomach issues, constant migraines and numerous other health problems, Stephanie was visiting doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with her. “Sometimes I would feel like I was having a heart attack! My left side would go numb and it would be hard for me to breathe,” she recalls. “I went to allergists and they refused to test me for food allergies, claiming my health concerns weren’t a result of food sensitivities but instead period pain, which I found pretty offensive.” With little help from medical professionals, Stephanie decided to take matters into her own hands and began a food journal to keep track of how her health improved after eliminating certain foods from her diet. She discovered that the removal of gluten, dairy and eggs offered a vast improvement in her health. She was finally awake, alert, and happily living her life. It has been four years since Stephanie was officially diagnosed with celiacs disease.

Gluten-free foods have been a topic of much debate as of late, but for many, it’s not a topic worth debating. As someone who has enjoyed (and sometimes not enjoyed) gluten-free alternatives for six and a half years, I can say with certainty that there is a huge difference between life off gluten and life on gluten. Despite the nay-sayers, it appears that a large percentage of the nation would agree with me. Even four years ago, being gluten-free meant “cook it at home, or don’t eat at all.” Where today we can enjoy grocery aisles dedicated to gluten-free alternatives, that has certainly not been the case for long.

Stephanie’s job as production manager had her constantly on the road and therefore unable to find anything decent. She started making her own snacks to help her get through the day and was surprised to see how popular they became in the office. Friends and coworkers couldn’t get enough of whatever Stephanie was concocting in her kitchen. “I love to feed people! It sounds weird but seeing people enjoy my food really makes me happy,” she admits, “so I figured, why not sell it?”

WHOS Gluten Free making an appearance at a local food fair.
The WHOS Gluten Free team making an appearance at a local food fair.

After a test run at her first street fair market back in June of 2013, she found that having the opportunity to meet people who shared the same health concerns and daily dilemmas that she did while educating those who weren’t aware of the effects gluten is having on a growing mass of people totally made up for the fact that she didn’t sell enough product to turn a profit. Instead she left with a wealth of feedback that allowed her to adjust her ingredients so she could cater to those with a variety of food sensitivities. “We are so restricted with what we can eat, that what we do eat should be delicious!” says Stephanie. And so ignited a passion for making delicious foods for those used to eating cardboard alternatives; WHOS gluten free was born.

As someone who’s not only had the pleasure of speaking to Stephanie but also trying some of her snacks, I can say with certainty, that her product is top notch. Her granola is divine on my breakfast yogurt as well as in my handbag as I’m running to and from auditions, and her cupcakes would satisfy any baked-good enthusiast whether they be gluten-free or not! Stephanie’s passion behind WHOS is educating those around her about the benefits of eating consciously. Whether you have food allergies or not, we live in a world where reading labels and knowing what you’re digesting is a must. At WHOS Gluten Free, which stands for “Wong’s House of Snacks,” there is something to be enjoyed by anyone looking to eat delicious foods at a quality that your body will thank you for.

WHOS gluten free has paired up with Do You Tea and Bloomsbury Sq. Bath & Body to build an artisanal shop in the Heights on Summit and Zabriskie, New Jersey. You will also find WHOS making appearances at local farmer’s markets and food fairs. Click HERE to find details on their next one!

Screenshot 2014-12-15 11.24.10
Founders of WHOS Gluten Free, Do You Tea?, and Bloomsbury Sq. Bath & Body at their grand opening at 942 Summit Avenue. 

Thank you, Stephanie! You work so hard and are so passionate about pushing a product that is not only delicious but life changing for so many of us who struggle to enjoy what we’re eating from day to day. Congratulations on all your successes this year, looking forward to more to come in 2015!

Check out WHOSglutenfree.com for any and all information
and use the links below to follow them across their social media!

Twitter: @WHOSGlutenFree
Instagram: @WHOSGlutenFree
Facebook: WHOS Gluten Free

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